Flow analysis system DFM 100
Compact portable system for the accurate measurement of water losses

The flow analysis is a valuable instrument for loss detection and pre-location of leakages. It is used particularly, if the acoustic leakage search methods are not sufficient, e.g. in water networks, which consist to the majority of plastic main lines (PVC and PE).

An essential aid

The system, conceived on the basis of many years' experience, consists of a portable measuring -box and a Notebook as evaluation unit. The measured values for flow and pressure are accurately registered. With the specially developed software the measured values can be documented and archived for later evaluation. With this precision system due to the high measuring accuracy even smallest leakages are found.

Apart from the application for leakage detection, the system is thus particularly suitable also for measuring of mains-specific data (e.g. consumer behavior, water consumation in parts).

Evaluation software with representation of flow, pressure and frequency distribution

Measuring-box with flow and pressure transducers

The standard measuring-box is conceived to check areas up to a pipe-length of 6 km. Optionally other dimensions are available.

Compact, flexible and exact

The system offers the following advantages:

  • compact design - flexible application also in hard-to-travel places
  • very exact measurement by low pulse-values
  • optimal display of the measured values by automatic scaling
  • simultaneous presentation of pressure and flow including a frequency distribution
  • Evaluation software for different dimensions applicable

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