Leak-detection, water-loss-reduction and mains-check

If you regard the acute pipe-burst , when speed and nevertheless a safe detection is required to avoid water-damages and damages caused by 'search-by digging', or if you regard the many leaks, which ' do not come up ' and cause large losses of water over years - we find the leakages.

Everything you need for an effective reduction of water-losses, you find in our vehicles.

Leak-detection with success warranty

If there is no leakage and no unknown connection in the place indicated by us, we do not want to be payed.

Leak-detection with ground-micro...
or / and with the correlator

Loss of water reduction with success warranty

First we determine the amount of the water-loss on the basis of night minimum measurements
If a significant loss of water is determined, we offer you a definite loss reduction by detection of the leakages in the mains (e.g. reduction from 80 to 20 m3/h). The customer pays only for the reached reduction, so he can calculate the pay back time of the project.

All devices, we use for our services, are also to be obtained from us, including the complete operation vehicle.

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