Still waters run deep. We find them nevertheless.

The search for losses of water or leakages often turns out as detective work. Each case is different and requires an appropriate methodology and detection technique. We are able to use the whole pallet of the today available procedures, from gas-detection through the different acoustic procedures up to thermography. The selection of the optimal locating method, or a combination of several, leads to success and helps resources and energy to save and damages to minimize.

Our services

  • Leakage detection, loss of water reduction, mains-check with success warranty
  • Route-location of metallic and non-metallic lines
  • Leak-detection in house installations
  • Non destructive tubing repair - RDS procedure
  • Cause determination and appraisal of water-damages
  • Mains technologie
  • Pressure and flow measurements
  • Servicing contracts
  • Mains plans
  • Mains calculation
  • Free report book
  • Thermography
  • Cleaning of water tanks
  • Workshops for our customers

  • Our products

  • Service-car for water-loss-reduction
  • Leakage detection devices (correlators)
  • Water management system
  • Ground-micro Aqua M100
  • Water-loss and -consumption measuring instrument FRAMIN
  • Water-loss and -consumption logging system FRASYM
  • Remote supervision with FRATEL
  • Locator for metallic lines
  • Locator for non-metallic lines PWG
  • Noise-logger for early recognition and prelocation of leakages
  • Flow analysis system DFM 100
  • SmartGIS the geographical information system
  • Mini pipe camera
  • Indispensable accessories

  • Always and everywhere operational:

    Fast action is necessary to avoid resulting damages. Together with our partners of the Locatec group we are continuously operational at 15 bases in Germany. That saves time and starting costs.

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