Water damages in buildings

In buildings already very small leakages cause large damage.
Far more damage is still often caused by the search for and the repair of the leak. The entire damp wall or the entire floor is broken in hope to find a leakage or at least a pipe.
That does not have to be!
It is possible to localize the cause of the damage exactly without destruction. That way destruction and also the expenditure coming with the repair can be reduced to a minimum. It is even possible to repair the defective pipe durably without any destruction.
We offer for each case the cleanest and most economical procedure:


It is easier for the detective, if the victim is still warm.
Covered warm water pipes, heating lines and also the water flowing out of them become visible by the thermal camera. Line position and the leak thus leave a hot trace...

Mini tubing camera

... provides the necessary look through.
The detective collects his clues with sharp view for the details.
The view with the mini tubing camera gives us an image of the pipe's state inside.
We drive the high-resolution, flexible camera through pipes of 1 inch or more.

What can hide anymore ?

Leakage detection with tracer gas

... leakage detection with the "tracking nose"
The outstanding detective distinguishes one thing above all : his scent.
We make the leakage smellable by means of the tracer gas leakage detection.
The pipe is filled with a harmless, not inflammable gas. This gas comes out through the leak. Such a "trail" is found reliably with a detector selective for this gas.

Acoustic procedures

... the "wire-tapping"
No suspicious noise escapes the trained ear of the detective.
Leakages cause a noise. The source of noise is found with various sensitive microphones and computer correlation and often already located on the point.

Non destructive leakage repair

... If the delinquent can not or is not needed to be determined, then at least the victim can be saved.
Although by a leakage detection on the point, the damage coming with the repair is minimized, you can not avoid it at all. - But yes, even that is possible. If the cause of the damage does not have to be determined and not a single precious tile may be damaged, the leakage can be repaired also from the inside, with our RDS procedure.

All devices, we use for our services, are also to be obtained from us, including the complete operation vehicle.

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