Non destructive leakage repair with our RDS procedure

A leakage at a line laid in the soil, in the wall or in the floor can also be repaired durably without prising open and without destruction.
With small leakages a location becomes very difficult and complex. With the RDS procedure however smallest leakages, also several, can be sealed simultaneously. For this not one precious tile must be destroyed.

Process description

First the leaky line is determined with pressure or flow measurements. The measuring curves are given to the customer.
The leaky line section is separated and emptied. Subsequently, a substance is filled into the pipe and led in a cycle. The liquid leaves the pipe by the leaks and closes them. With this a persistant mineral incrustation is formed on the outside of the pipe, which seals the leakage permanently. The equipment developed by us for this process makes it possible to monitor and regulate the important parameters like pressure, temperature and pH.
After the sealing process the line is rinsed and again a leak test (with documentation, pressure-curve) is executed.
Only if the tightness of the pipe can be proven the customer will be charged.

RDS structure

All devices, we use for our services, are also to be obtained from us, including the complete operation vehicle.

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