With our servicing contracts you always walk on the safe side

Excavation warranty gives security in individual cases: Today a multiplicity of technically matured methods is available for the safe leakage detection. Therefore we offer a success warranty for our work and are responsible for possible false excavations and insufficient loss lowering. So far, so well. The problem of the losses of water however is not solved with a unique work. In order to obtain a permanent loss lowering, the continuous monitoring of all lines is necessary, since by material fatigue and external influences leakages occur again and again.

Servicing contracts: for permanent security!

First we create a global cost-benefit analysis: How much do the losses cost? How much can the losses be lowered? How much do appropriate measures cost? On this base the maintenance-agreement is built: We determine a value, which the losses may not exceed. For a monthly lump sum we reduce the losses of your mains down to the determined value and keep them there. Thus you have a warranty on permanent low loss rates.

e.g.. Leakages: Unfortunately no unique thing!


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