How to create reliable mains plans if the traces are unknown?
We offer the whole service

Complete service for creating mains plans

Location of the traces

  • Location of your drinking water pipelines of all usual materials (metallic / non-metallic)

  • Surveying

  • Surveying of the located traces
  • Surveying for Your new laying project

  • Digitization

  • Transfer of the data into the desired digital format
  • Ceating a data base for main lines and connections
  • Entry of the line plans into available land register plans
  • Updating Your documents
  • Integration of graphs, sketches and photos into the digital documentation

  • By this bundling of the single services it is possible for us to offer favorable package prices.

    Pipeline plan ' water ' (1:500)

    Multi-section plan ' gas and water '

    Pipeline layout plan (1:2500)

    Annexe and slot file

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