Pipeline calculation

Important instrument of future planning and contribution to the fire protection

The electronic pipeline calculation renders valuable support when planning new projects. It helps answering the following important questions:

  • About fire protection:

  • Is the quantity of fire fighting waters ensured in accordance with fire protection regulations?
  • about planning new building projects:

  • Is the water pressure sufficient?
  • about new industrial areas to be integrated in the existing mains:

  • Does the water arrive problem-free at the location?
  • about links to other mains:

  • Where could weak points occur?
  • and basically:

  • How far are the pipes already incrusted, where is a blocking spot?

EDP network plan (window)

Test van for pressure and flow measurements

The tubular resistance in the field deviates substantially from the theoretical values for new pipes.

In order to determine the real flow resistances in the network and to find bottlenecks, e.g. caused by incrustations, we measure the flow in combination with the decrease of pressure and calculate the real resistance-values.

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