Drinking water reservoir cleaning

The water suppliers carry a high responsibility for the purity of the drinking water. Our most important food is endangered by possible deposits of heavy metals such as manganese etc. and also by germinating in the water tanks and in the pipelines.
For health and hygenic reasons the legislator issued appropriate regulations for the regular cleaning and disinfection of the drinking water reservoirs.

With the cleaning and in particular also with the disinfection however, there are certain risks for the quality of the water and the health of the staff, handling and being connected with the disinfectants.

We relieve you and your personnel of the responsibility and the quite unpleasant work with the chemicals, related with the cleaning and disinfection.

... and you must worry about nothing more.

In regular service our team of specialists can operate even more economically.

After cleaning and disinfection a water test is taken and examined by an independent institute of your choice. With proven sterility the container can be set in operation again.

If you prefer to clean and disinfect your containers by yourself, we offer our cleaning and disinfectant ' REDESDO ' to you. It

  • is checked by German water-institutes,
  • preserves the health of your personnel
  • is pollution free and
  • protects the container surfaces
  • when desired with a special manganese-dilutant
  • We gladly advise you - quite witthout obligation

    Beforehand: from this container nobody wants to drink anymore!

    Afterwards: A water tank has to look like this!

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