Our seminars make you fit for practice!

No water supplier can still afford losses of water today. With the increasing demandments also the technique for loss lowering and leakage detection must keep up. It is important for the responsible personnel of the water suppliers to be always on the newest technical and practical status. Only this way they are able to evaluate and efficiently use loss-lowering measures . As a partner of the water suppliers and municipalities we want to support you here energetically. Therefore we developed advanced training seminars, which offer you everything, in theory and practice, you need to remain fit in your special tasks.

As much theory as necessary...

Losses of water

  • how do they develop?
  • how to detect them?
  • which methods for loss lowering do exist?

Techniques to detect and localize water leaks

  • with body- and ground-micro
  • with correlator
  • with quantity analysis
  • with noise-loggers
  • in plastic lines

Detection of service lines

  • metallic lines and armatures
  • of plastic lines

Regarding the water supply...

  • How can false excavations be avoided?
  • effective precaution against losses of water
  • the meaningful invitation to bid
  • Servicing contract, cost-benefit analysis

... and as much practice as possible

Apart from the theoretical bases our seminars give you the opportunity to gain practical experience: We make you familiar with the use of detecting-micros, with the correlator and the devices for quantity analysis. You locate both metallic lines and armatures and plastic lines and determine water losses.

  Ask for our seminar offer and always remain on the newest status! 

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