Our correlator series

Inexpensive but highly sensitive and durable

All devices (exept the notebook) got an extremely sturdy but light-weight cast-alu housing, made for the hard daily use (a transmitter was hit by a car but did not fail!).

PAL 300

The correlator for the small and medium sized water supplier
  • Simply in handling (no operating instruction necessary)
  • First device to be purchased for less than DM 10,000. -
  • Sensitivity and accuracy like major types

Water analysis system (WAS)

The complete leakage searching system with integrated PC
  • Processing of pressure and flow measurements (prelocation)
  • Connectors for microphones and loggers
  • Correlator

Water management system (WMS)

The consistent advancement of the correlator:
  • Geographical information system (GIS) in the vehicle
  • Satellite navigation system (GPS)
  • High class Correlator
  • Preservation of evidence with digital picture documentation
  • Storage of leakage noises and a speaking of comments
  • Data base for all applications
  • Notebook with Pentium computer, water and impact-protected

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