The Lindenberg Ortungstechnik Loss reduction car:
the mobile allrounder for loss lowering

In development of several years we conceived a vehicle, equipped with everything needed for efficient detection and loss lowering. False excavations can be avoided as far as possible. When desired you receive a warranty against false excavations (excavation warranty).

Everything necessary for the safe reduction of water losses is installed in this vehicle.

The vehicle is equipped with many high-sensitive technical systems and details:
  • Quantity analysis for the determination of the minimum and maximum consumption
  • Flow and pressure transducer for fire-hydrants
  • FRASYM system to measure losses and consumption of water, data recording and evaluation on PC
  • All necessary devices and systems to prelocate and 'point-locate' leakages
  • Devices and systems for the detection of metallic and non-metallic lines
  • Data recording system for pipe damages with statistics function
  • All devices are selected products, tested in practical applications.

The interior of the reduction car - lots of innovative HighTech for the effective leakage detection.

All devices, we use for our services, are also to be obtained from us, including the complete operation vehicle.

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