For detecting water leakages fast and inexpensively:
Ground microphone AQUA M 100

Since decades the ground micro worked reliably as a detector for water leakages. In its original form the good old 'Horchglocke' is too big, too massiv, too heavy to handle and too expensive for today's requirements. Therefore the AQUA M 100 was developed - a completely new type of ground micro.

The AQUA M 100...

Fast, reliably and comfortably you trace water leakages - with the new AQUA M 100.

and all its advantages:

  • highest noise sensitivity
  • Reduction of interferences by ' soft ' connection between body and handle
  • simple one-button-operation, no training necessary
  • automatic filter adjustment and measured value memory
  • light-weight by the application of most modern electronics
  • automatic display lighting with darkness
  • favourable price
  • in combination with the ' PWG ' for the detection of non-metallic lines applicable
The combined leakage detection with correlator and the AQUA M 100 offers additional detection security and helps to avoid false excavations .

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