FRAMIN the small and simple device for permanent measurement of water loss and - consumption

In order to avoid water losses, you have to recognize them first. You detect them early if you constantly measure and record the consumption of your water distribution.
In the course of the constant advancement of our 'FRAMIN', several crucial improvements could be implemented, without having to limit user-friendliness.


  • is suitable to link to feeding counters and other flow meters
  • needs no net current
  • the data of the preceding 7 days can be recalled
  • new, improved type for the calculation of the losses (length of time between 2 impulses)
  • Input of a statistical minimum or night consumption possible
  • expandable for remote data transfer
  • Background-lit display
  • diagram of the measured values (optional)
  • simple operation - the measured or calculated values are recalled by a repeated push of one button

With the compact special measuring instrument FRAMIN you always know about water loss and - consumption


All relevant data are displayed by pushing one button

Minimum: Display of the smallest flow projected on one hour
Smallest night consumption: Input of the actual value
Loss report: Display of the current, real loss in m3/h
Loss report in %: display of the current, real loss in %
Daily feed: Daily total feeding quantity in the monitored mains. Daily rhythm freely selectable

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