The pulse wave generator
- to detect plastic lines

Line detection by magnetic field induction, as usual to detect metallic lines, is not possible with non conductive pipe materials. For the detection of plastic and concrete lines, the ' pulse-generator ' (PWG) was developed.

Mode of operation of the pulse wave generator (sender)...

The device is connected by a link (over floor fire-hydrant, under floor fire-hydrant with connection pipe or other connections) with the water of the line to be located.
It produces sound pulses, which travel through the water and to the surface.

... and the ground microphone (recipient)

The intensity of the sound pulses is measured with a ground microphone (the Aqua M100 is particularly suitable) on the surface. On the basis the sound maxima the position of the line is determined.

The pulse generator (PWG) in the application

Possible Applications

Detection of non-metallic and also metallic lines with a length from 20 to 2000 m (If there is air or larger leakages in the pipe, the range is drastically limited).
As the detection with magnetic field senders is strongly reduced or not possible at all, if there are other lines or cables nearby, with this acoustic procedure the desired line can be located nevertheless.

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