Line detecting device PLS 400
Information from the soil.

Sure, reliable and accurate - is how the detection of lines buried under ground has to be. That applies to water pipelines just like for cables. In particular for the preparation of mains plans and for the recovery of damages or leakages, or for the briefing of underground engineering companies for earthwork you need the exact knowledge of the lines' position.
The line detecting device R 400 PLS is optimally equipped for these requests :

  • Position and depth of the line can be determined accurately.
  • You can differentiate thereby between metallic water pipelines, energized and dead cables.
  • Equipped with a sound you can use the R 400 PLS also to detect plastic building connection lines
  • The imprinted precise operating instruction enables a safe operating and an uncomplicated handling locally.
  • The device is equipped with a sturdy and nevertheless light-weight impact resistant plastic housing and thus suitable for the daily hard practical application (the transmitter survived a collision with a car at appr. 50 km/h !).

The line detecting device PLS 400 in application

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