Now also for pipings starting from 28 mm in diameter:


Precise, handy, economical.
For the inspection of drinking water pipes, sewers, channels, ventilation shafts and cable conduits the Mini pipe camera is the optimal special device.
It has an outstanding illuminating: Irregularities, resistances and leakages in the pipe become visible fast . With a driving rod made of a highly flexible steel spiral from 10 m or 20 m length also smallest angles can be passed. For longer distances a glass fiber connecting rod of 50 or 100 m length is available. All cables (for electricity supply and picture transmission) are integrated in the driving/connecting rod . The rods can be linked to drive through even longer distances. For the centring of the camera head in pipes of larger diameters distance-brushes are available, so that an optimal illuminating and view from the Pipe center are ensured. The model 42 is available also with color camera head.

The Mini pipe camera can be delivered in two different models or as a complete set:

Model 42

  • Camera head diameter 42 mm for lines from 50 to 300 mm in diameter.

The head of the Mini pipe camera. Model 42.

Model 24

  • Head diameter 24 mm for house lines starting from a diameter of 28 mm.

The head of the Mini pipe camera model 24 on a steel-spiral driving rod to pass smallest angles.

The Mini pipe cameras model 42 (left) and model 24 (on the right) with display and rod-drum.

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