Indispensable accessories for pipeline-maintenance.

The equipment with optimal tools is a fundamental prerequisite for reliable, fast and efficient operating. The precision devices and tools offered by Lindenberg Ortungstechnik are characterised by comfortable handling.


Battery-operated Stethophon with stepless tunable volume control, complete equipped with contact-stick, two extensions and headset- everything carefully stowed in a plastic bag. Optimal device for the tapping of valves, fire-hydrants, house-connections or water-counters on suspicious leakage noises.

Detecting device for hidden valve-rods, caps, hydrants and more

The detecting device seeks out magnetic fields of metalic objects covered by earth, road surfacing, snow and water down to a depth of l m. Finding is signaled by a high frequency tone.

EWE wrench and ratchet

Valve wrench, length 1,100 mm, to turn valves to 300 mm diameter and under floor fire-hydrants with a ratchet in both directions. The handle is unscrewable to operate problemless in narrow places.

Cap hammer

High-quality hammer, forged, particularly formed to open valve- and hydrant-caps.

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