FRASYM: recording and analysing water losses and -consumption - systematically!

The FRASYM system is developed for the advanced storage, evaluation and presentation of water losses and - consumption. The system consists of three components: Recording of the relevant loss and consumption data, transfer to the office and central processing on the PC:

Step 1: Recording in the field

At the feeding points of each zone you record loss of water and - consumption with the battery-operated FRAMIN. The device displays the necessary data as a check on the spot, stores it however for the last three months.

The handy special device FRAMIN provides the continuous recording of loss of water and consumption.

Step 2: Data transfer

Registered data of all stations are collected and stored by a handy shock- and splash-proof device.

Data reading and storage unit ' TRANSFER '

Step 3: Analysis on the PC

The consumption data collected with the ' transfer ' are centrally analysed on the office computer and represented in form of reports, balances and diagrams. We offer the software and the hardware if needed.

Clear analysis of the data on PC - as diagrams, balances or in report form.


Naturally also the remote transmission of the recorded data is possible. See for this our system ' Fratel ' on the next page!

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