- permanent lowering of the water losses by constant remote supervision

Finally there it is- the inexpensive remote supervision. A substantial use of this technique is the permanent lowering of water losses due to constant monitoring.
We created a system, with which you can monitor your whole water distribution from your office for far less half the price of other known systems. So it is affordable already for smaller water suppliers. The software is easy to handle. You do not even need an instruction manual. You can install it on your office computer and need no special hardware.

Substantial advantages of the remote transmission are:

  • constant monitoring of important data, e.g. current water losses
  • immediate detecting of errors
  • Alerts sent to PC, Fax, phone or as an SMS on your mobile phone
  • Saving of time and way costs
  • Documentation on display and printer

Loss monitoring with Framin

Step 1:

You monitor your momentary losses of water locally by our device FRAMIN. It is durable and easily to operate. Hundreds of these devices have operated for years reliably.

Simple modular extension

Step 2:

You transfer the data recorded locally with FRAMIN by telephone line or data radio to your office. You receive alerts on the computer, fax, phone or as an SMS on your mobile. You monitor flows pressures, levels etc. and - of course- your water losses. You are able to react immediately on errors or on an increase of water losses.

smaller water distribution on the display

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